Overcoming the difficulties of ” zero waste ”

I believe the hardest part about embarking in a zero waste lifestyle is getting ready. It may be discouraging if you don’t have enough useful resources such as a composting bin, a reusable cotton bags, mason jars or other glass containers, etc. This transition stage may not be easy but it is feasible. It is important  not to put too much pressure on yourself during the first weeks. In other words, don’t feel guilty if you throw away some trash. Only with time will you develop personal ways of achieving your desired goal. I strongly suggest you discuss with other people who share similar interests, search on the internet for tools, visit bulk store or contact me. All in all, start slow.

Here are the 6R steps for going green:  

Refuse  : Stop accepting objects that will end up in the landfills such as plastic bags, wrapped snacks (candy bars, gummies, chocolate, etc.), non-reusable cups or straws and much more.

Reduce : Stop buying compulsively! Look around your house, all of those items that you don’t actually need or that you used for 3 weeks only and is now collecting dust on a shelf. Don’t be a hoarder, give away or sell the clutter that you haven’t used in years.

Replace  : Alright so you just finished your tube of toothpaste. Don’t bother going to the store in order to buy a new one. Instead, make your own!

Reuse/ Re-purpose : Okay so there is no way you are going to sell that broken Tupperware. Why not use it as a kitchen compost bin? Also, try to buy less disposables such as razors, Q-tips, tissues, paper towels, etc. Instead, opt for longer lasting items.

Recycle  : It is preferable to reduce recycled items but if you have any, make sure they don’t end up in the trash

Rot  : This last step consists of composting all organic material (vegetable peelings, fruit waste, teabags and grass cuttings).

In order to know more about these crucial steps, visit this website.

Furthermore, I would like to share the link to the website of Lauren Signer, a woman who very much inspired me and helped me throughout the experience thanks to her web page, YouTube videos and Instagram account:

13 Easy Zero Waste Resolutions You Can Make For 2018

1 thought on “Overcoming the difficulties of ” zero waste ”

  1. Super valid point you brought up about having other people to talk about this with! Such an initiative is so much harder when you are the only one doing it, opposed to when you have 1 or more people in your entourage also making similar efforts and going through the same struggles that you are!


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